"Impossible to Possible" Aye!'s 4 track EP and Video - Out Now!! ❤️

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Aye! Biography

Aye! (pronounced as " I ") is a singer, songwriter and electronic musician who was born in Japan and is based in London, UK. 

“Quite a few people have told me that I should share my thoughts on life so I am putting my message to myself into my lyrics just in case they could be useful for someone in the world”. Check out my new EP - out NOW!!!  Aye! Xx❤️

Janice Long loves my song!! 

“Oh, that makes me feel soooo good !! What a tune !!……absolutely fantastic new tune!! ”   Janice Long, BBC Radio Wales

Thanks everyone!
My single "Impossible to Possible" was No.1 in Klangwald Charts in Germany for 8 weeks running!!
Love Aye! xx❤️


"...The song is screaming out for a Lazer light show over several thousand dancing people lost in the ambient noise of it all. Love it.."  


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